Register for Quest


For Summer 2022, youth groups must register for Quest by using this form to contact the director of the program, Heather Henson. Groups must have one adult leader for every five kids and adult leaders for each gender of youth. For instance, if the group has 6 boys and 4 girls, there would need to be one male adult leader and one female adult leader. The group can include anyone who has completed 6th – 12th grade. Individual youth cannot register. If you would like to participate but are not planning to bring a group of youth, please contact us. If you are registering in advance, please try to make an appropriate estimate of the number of participants you will bring. If you over estimate, other groups may be excluded from registering for their preferred week.

Registration Fees

Quest – $330 per person

Deposit: $50 per person (which is applied to the registration fee)