About Quest

What is Quest?

Quest is a remarkable, ridiculously fun, re-imagined way for youth groups and youth leaders to experience God, encounter Christ, grow closer as a group, and refocus! For more information, keep perusing this site or download our booklet here (Large PDF).

It is completely different than any other youth group experience. With Bible study and worship, an expansive high ropes course, climbing tower and zip line, amazing lakefront activities, and refreshing food and lodging, Quest is more than your average church camp.

One of the greatest things about Quest is that your entire youth group can come. The program is designed to include anyone who has completed 6th – 12th grade!


  • 3-story Climbing Wall
  • Zip Line
  • 3-story Cargo Net
  • Green Lake Boat House
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Campfires
  • Rappelling
  • Low ropes course
  • High-activity games
  • High-energy worship
  • Engaging Bible study
  • 1,000 acres to explore
  • Deepest lake in Wisconsin

A Few Notes

Youth Leaders

Quest is a great opportunity for you to have fun with your youth while also gaining valuable resources and connecting with other youth leaders who are doing the same awesome work you are! As a youth leader (paid or unpaid) you are running everything at most of your youth events. At Quest, our well-trained, God-focused and talented staff lead small group bible studies, games, worship, and all activities. That allows us to do something unique with you. Each day there are bible study and training opportunities designed specifically for the leaders.

Youth Groups

Ever have a student, or maybe two or three, come home from camp having had a fantastic experience, but no one else was there with them? It’s hard to spread the fire that way. At Quest, your group goes through the experiences together so you’ll go home on fire together. This is a great opportunity to bring your students closer as a group! Back Home Times each day allow your entire group to process not just what they learned and how they are growing, but also where God is calling your group to next!


Worship at Quest is an opportunity to bring praise to God. Times of worship may take place in our air conditioned gathering room where we have a full band, large screens, stage lighting, complete sound system, and seating for many. At other times we may find a spot on the 1,000 acres of land Quest calls home. Often, worship experiences invite students to participate in a tangible way and actively engage in worship.

Small Group Bible Study

This is where students interact with scripture and with each other. Small groups are based on grade level and students are led by a member of the Quest staff. The Bible Study groups spend two hours together each morning. One hour is spent participating in an interactive Bible Study where students read and discuss scripture, get creative in how they respond to the Word, and participate in group activities. The other hour is spent on the challenge course.

Great food

Meals at Quest are a little more exciting than you might imagine. Lunch and dinner are served in the Kraft Dining Hall. Each meal features an all-you-can-eat buffet, an ice cream bar, a dessert bar, soft drinks, coffee, tea, a salad bar and much more! Youth and adults always find something to enjoy at the dining hall. It is a beautiful air-conditioned space with Wi-fi, seating for hundreds of people, and three separate dining rooms.


Students sleep in Robbins North and Robbins South Halls. They are air conditioned lodges that sit adjacent to the Carroll Youth Center, the building where we eat breakfast, worship, and begin Bible Study. Each room sleeps up to 5 individuals. One private bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet is shared by two rooms. Bedding and towels are provided and washed once during the week. On the first floor of each building is a lobby with couches and a ping pong table.

Group Day Out

Each youth group will have one free afternoon we call Youth Group Day Out! From noon to 6:15 p.m., the youth group can do whatever it wants to do. Often groups will use the afternoon to rent a pontoon boat and go out on the lake as a group. Other groups drive to the Wisconsin Dells for the afternoon, go into Green Lake to get some ice cream, or drive to the mall to do some shopping! You can go and have some fun off of the grounds, or you can stay and explore new spaces.

Daily Schedule

Below is a general schedule for each day. Obviously this is subject to change, but it should give you an idea for how a day works!

7:30 – Breakfast

8:30 – Time Alone with God

9:00 – Morning Worship

10:00 – Small Group Bible Study and Low Ropes Course

12:00 – Lunch

1:15 – Workshops

3:00 – Free time

5:15 – Dinner

6:45 – Big Incredible Games (BIG)

7:45 – Snack Bar (requires cash)

8:30 – Worship

9:30 – Back Home Time

11:00 – Lights out

High Adventure Couse

Yes, that is correct. Each youth group that comes to Quest has an opportunity to climb our 35-foot climbing tower. Students can scale the flat wall or try their hand at the chimney or cargo net. Once you reach the top, the fastest way down is the zip line, a quick ride down a steel cable. To get started you take a step of faith off the ledge perched 35 feet in the air.